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How we perceive spaces varies from person to person. Our process involves working with you to identify your own unique style and vision. We will collaborate to understand and support the exact frame of mind you want to be in when using each space.


Interior design entails a range of services including a design assessment, detailed design drawings, an architectural review and collaboration, colour palettes, material and fixture selection, furniture selection and styling, liaising with builders and trades, product ordering and project management.



By approaching design holistically we help our clients create healthy spaces for the mind, body, and soul. Spaces they're naturally drawn to again and again. We incorporate biophilic, human-centered and circadian rhythm design principles into our works.


We design both locally within our beautiful mountain community and remotely on a global scale, reaching all corners of the world. 

Interiors for new construction and renovations across residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces.


If you already have architectural drawings of your choice we're happy to review your plans and create detailed interior design drawings, electrical plans, wall, floor and surface finish plans, elevations, and product and material selections.

We can also coordinate and work with your builder, contractor and trades to ensure a smooth transition from concepts to reality.

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