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Tin Wall

Guided by a reverence for
smart design and sustainability,
we create high-performing residential and commercial spaces.

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What We Do

Our designs are tailored to your needs, support your lifestyle and enhance your wellbeing. But they do even more. Buildings consume more than a third of the global energy and are responsible for more than 50% of our average carbon emissions. We want this to change, which is why we are dedicated sustainable design-- for the health of you and the planet. 


All our houses are designed and built to Passive House standards while also using sustainable materials without harmful off-gases wherever possible. Passive buildings utilize 90% less energy than a conventional build, exceeding many of the leading energy codes. Learn more about Passive performance here.

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How We Do It

Our design team guides you through the entire process and we start with analyzing your site specifics as well as your individual needs and desires for your home. We then move into schematics, develop the design together flushing out every detail, submit for building permit, and then provide all details and construction drawings to ensure that your builder is able to build to our standards. We deliver your house in prefabricated panels ready for assembly on your site. Within the Revelstoke region we will build with Tree Construction, otherwise we're happy to partner with a local contractor in your area.


Learn more about our design process here.

What We've Done

We've been pushing the construction industry for 10+ years now as early adopters of the Passive House building standard. Our homes are both an expression of aesthetics as well as an expression of what's possible and practical for the planet. Our experienced team comprises the fields of interior design, architecture and custom builders to create high performing homes for the well-being of all. See our work here.

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